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Hand Pile of Happy Group

We are Infinite Hands Initiative


Infinite Hands Initiative was formed February 2012, is a 501(c)(3) volunteer-based organization whose mission is to serve the under-served in the community by partnering with local shelters to offer the products provided by the Koats4Kids Program.  Infinite Hands Initiative began significant outreach efforts in July 2012, seeking shelters that would allow IHI to introduce the Koats4Kids Program to the underserved children/families on their roster.  Seeking new opportunities to partner with local shelters, churches and community businesses to ensure the continued outreach success of Infinite Hands Initiative.


Our work


Infinite Hands Initiative-Koats4Kids of Friendswood provides every child a new coat, pair of gloves, backpack and school supplies that are housed in local shelters and are on the shelter’s roster.  The goal is to minimize the spreading an influenza outbreak that can occur when living in close spaces and to ensure a successful 2021-2022 school year for the underserved youth living in transition, many who are victims of abuse or the child of someone fleeing an abusive situation.

Koats4Kids Program and has been for the past eight (8) years and we look forward to this year’s distribution.

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