Bringing the Koats4Kids Program to underserved children and families 

Bringing warmth to those who need it most

Infinite Hands Initiative-Koats4Kids of Friendswood provides every child a new coat, pair of gloves, socks, masks and poncho that are housed in local shelters and are on the shelter’s roster.

Program Update

Faced with the Covid-19 & Delta Variant and the effects caused by it, Koats4Kids Members in compliance with the CDC rules will be hosting Koats4Kids 2020 in a different manner.  Because it is not an option to cancel Koats4Kids 2021 and disappointing every child housed in and are placed in foster care homes by Sarah's House will receive the following pre-packed items (new coat, new gloves, seven new pairs of socks and a new poncho) to be distributed by Sarah's House staff. 

We are currently waiting on a confirmation to host another shelter and once confirmation is received the date will be posted.  We’ve been notified that due to a significant shortage of shipping container space we’re expecting our 2021 allocation to be delivered between November and December 2021.  It’s our hearts desire to put the health and well-being of all children first and foremost. 


Therefore, the Koats4Kids board members hope to return to its normal way of hosting the Infinite Hands Initiative Koats4Kids next year. 

If you are a continued supporter, it is because of your generosity and continued support that we can be vessels used to deliver new winter outerwear to children in need.

To our new and continued supporters, it’s because of your donations that Koats4Kids distribution members and volunteers can deliver to children who suffer by no fault of their own.  Thank you!!


Koats4Kids Program!

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