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Your generosity makes our work possible

Infinite Hands Initiative-Koats4Kids is a non-profit organization that serves individuals and families in our local community shelters and other facilities that provide services to children in need.


Infinite Hands Initiative-Koats4Kids program provides a service to the under-served and aid the efforts in local shelters to protect the residents who are in transition.  We are an important local charity taking care of our community's children in transition.

This year because of the pandemic the members of Infinite Hands Initiative had to put our thinking caps on and restructure our efforts to get new warm winter outerwear to children in need.  Regroup, repackage and redistribute!! Thanks to our donors, board members and volunteers this 10th year was a success in spite of the pandemic.

However, we cannot maintain our charitable commitments without some goodwill from the community at large. So we are seeking donations from our valued supports such as yourself. 


Your generosity is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

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