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Infinite Hands Initiative Koats4Kids

Saturday, October 29, 2022 from 10am to 2pm

The Koats4Kids distribution event where volunteers all met at the chosen shelter to set up the room and display the new coats, gloves/caps, socks, girl and boy underwear & t-shirts, and masks. Everyone loved coming in and trying on the coat of their choice, along with matching gloves/caps, socks, underwear. Kids' and moms' faces were smiling and gracious for the clothing items that would protect their child/children during the winter, especially those who have to face the cold as they make their way to school. These items of protection will allow them to attend school regularly knowing they are protected from the winter illnesses and other winter born viruses.

The partnership with Big Star Cadillac/Hyundai, Ken Garff Dealerships, Bombas and the awesome volunteers and board members helped to provided an abundance of winter outerwear and underwear for the kids in attendance and those who were attending a domestic violence seminar who did not attend the distribution but learned the same items were left for them to choose.

There was enough to provide for some of the new incoming families who often come in with only the clothes on their backs and are so happy to learn that organizations such as Infinite Hands Initiative Koats4Kids are available to step in with understanding and kindness to provide that which our donors and supporters expect us to provide.

Bombas 2022 incredible sock donations to Infinite Hands Initiative enabled the donations of several hundred pairs of socks to the following shelters/transitional living facilities.

1) Crossroads of Park Place

2) Star of Hope

3) The Bridge Over Troubled Waters

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